[ScriptingGuys] tweet まとめ 9/25/2010版





  1. Create a Transcript of Commands from the Windows PowerShell ISE: Summary :
    Create a transcript of commands from th…http://bit.ly/bDPmqt
  2. @MaxTrinidad #PowerShell #swflcc good
    luck my friend.
  3. @ahbeel Scripting
    Guy articles http://bit.ly/aCPwC1 Script
    repository scripts http://bit.ly/cVZ7Rb
  4. @sourabhdiwan could
    be done. mite b hard. see http://bit.ly/cgMF26 andhttp://bit.ly/dtErKS mite
    need regular expression to parse text
  5. Use #PowerShell remoting
    to configure w32Time service logginghttp://bit.ly/becAVB
  6. @energizedtech #powershell $allBlueConsoles
    -ne $host
  7. @andrewpwade check
    out my getting started articles http://bit.ly/clfpgG
  8. @sqlbeard I
    look forward to seeing you next weekend as well.
  9. @RogerGuess #PowerShell I
    have a series of #ScriptingGuy articles
    that talk about working with #firewall http://bit.ly/c5Nkn8
  10. @energizedTech says
    if u r running #PowerShell commands
    on your Commodore 64 u can omit the start-sleep cmdlet. #classic #geekhumor
  11. #sqlsat48 in columbia, sc
    will rock http://bit.ly/9BbVrJ I
    will be there. WIll you?
  12. @wo009 #SharePoint #FollowFriday #FF thanks
    for the FF
  13. @JimPoshible #PowerShell thanks
    for the RT
  14. @planetcall #PowerShell thanks
    for the RT
  15. These are useful #PowerShell function
    adv parametershttp://bit.ly/c93Af8
  16. About #PowerShell comment
    based help http://bit.ly/9u9av2
  17. @pcgeek86 #PowerShell http://bit.ly/9u9av2
  18. @SQLvariant #SQLSat48 #Powershell assumes
    2 things: 1. I planned what to talk abt & 2. I talked abt my plan 🙂


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