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Quick-Hits Friday: The Scripting Guys Respond to a Bunch of Questions (9/24/10): In this post : Shuffling Values A… http://bit.ly/9SUXQl
Fri Sep 24 2010 17:13:04 (Japan Standard Time) twitterfeedから

meson3902 Looking forward to: “Atlanta PowerShell User Group – October Meeting | PowerShell Group” ( http://bit.ly/9boMyh )
Fri Sep 24 2010 07:12:35 (Japan Standard Time) twitthatから

pcgeek86 New #PowerShell Module: Enable Wake for Devices: http://wp.me/puEZA-a9
Fri Sep 24 2010 07:21:43 (Japan Standard Time) TweetDeckから

@j_angliss @esacteksab #posh #powershell See my Error handling articles http://bit.ly/am169v
Fri Sep 24 2010 11:42:26 (Japan Standard Time) TweetDeckから j_angliss宛

halr9000 Twin Cities first meeting will be October 12th | PowerShell Group http://bit.ly/c7aiPs
10:25 AM Sep 24th webから Woodstock, GAから

@TimOdell #Powershell Here are several #ScriptingGuy articles that talk about functions http://bit.ly/bXZQZu
11:38 AM Sep 24th TweetDeckから TimOdell宛

realdealbiehl Get-Command: Comparing XML files with Select-XML and Compare-Object #powershell get-command.blogspot.com/2010/09/compar…
3:52 AM Sep 24th Tweet Buttonから

Brian_Butler Good video showing off how to build a script by combining PowerShell, Workflow, and .NET. #powershell, #workflow http://bit.ly/cbMHmu
3:57 AM Sep 24th Seesmic Desktopから

@TimOdell #Powershell http://bit.ly/bB5OAy not much. You are right.
2:42 AM Sep 24th TweetDeckから TimOdell宛

#PowerShell command to find reliability WMI classes Get-WmiObject -List “*reliabil*”
12:35 AM Sep 24th TweetDeckから